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(Please print an application for each horse you wish to register, complete, and mail to the address at the bottom of the page.)

The cowboys and ranchers of the 40's, 50's and 60's wouldn't have stood for an association that has regulated and increasingly charged like some associations do. And, with the threat of some of these associations joining with animal rights groups to jeopardize our property rights, we feel a need to reduce the association bureaucracy by building a new association based on the good horses and good cowboys and ranchers that were riding decades before certain associations started. As Thomas Jefferson stated, "He who governs least, governs best." If the cowboys in 1923 could produce a thoroughbred Percheron cross colt by the name of Joe Hancock that has become one of the five most influential cowboy horse sires of all time, why would we restrict that successful effort again? If someone doesn't like the way a horse is bred or performs he simply will not buy him. Let the market set the demand. This registry, The American CowHorse Association, "The Horses for Cowboys and Ranchers", will accept all horses, if a horse is considered good enough to be bred and raise another like it for some cowboy, it is worth noting the pedigree and registering. Quarter Horses have descended from Thoroughbreds, Percherons, Arabians, Morgans, Saddlebreds, Ponies, Mustangs, and unknowns. Now that the gene pool has been dangerously narrowed in the name of magnifying by artificial insemination, Embryo Transplant, over advertising certain stallions and mares that were suppose to "improve the breed", but have narrowed the gene pool where it is hard to find a viable outcross to keep genetic diseases out. Now Hypp and herta skin diseases are a result of over emphasizing popular stallions and forgetting great stallions that are not in the spotlight. Sport Model is a perfect example, Louisiana bred, and a contemporary of Poco Tivio and Poco Bueno (the headquarters of Herta Skin disease), sire of only a fraction of as many daughters, leads both Poco Tivio and Poco Bueno on the all-time NCHA broodmares list. War Leo had not a fraction of the attention, yet sired more $150,000 winners than his famous contemporary Doc Bar. Sometimes horses are noticed only after they are dead, such as Rey Jay (6 Times Old Sorrel and a valuable outcross) yet in 1976 when Colonel Freckles and Freckles Playboy swept the NCHA Open Futurity quality was not changed, only noticed.

Horses with The American CowHorse Association can, as always, perform in all events sponsored by PRCA, NCHA, USTRC, NRHA, all Snaffle Bit Futurities and many others. They are only not eligible to compete in AQHA events, unless they have dual registration.

In The American CowHorse Association, there are no membership fees. Registration is not restricted by age, gender, color, size or breed, and is now only $35.00. There are no DNA expenses, no Stallion Breeding Report fees or Mare Filing fees. The breeder is responsible for his knowledge of the breeding he signs for. The Internet offers pedigree information that is free under

Times are tough. America is in a crisis caused by the cost of a government doing things we can't afford; things we should be doing ourselves at a fraction of the cost. In the horse world, let's stay within our own budgets.

Any questions, please call or write:

The American CowHorse Association
2010 Hwy 20
Vale, OR 97918